Project: Spider Man Face Paint videos

Kealy is a great human-being who is also a brilliant face painter (and, full disclosure, my wife-to-be). She face paints at parties and events. Recently, she asked me for help to take her face painting project to the next level.

In a face paint project, image is the key. People will hire Kealy for how good her work is, and social media offers a great platform to showcase her beautiful work. So I challenged myself to find the best and most original ways to visually present her work. Everyone can take a picture of a painted face (and I believe those are the fundamentals of this kind of project), but how could we display this content in different and engaging ways?

The project

My first instinct was to do a time-lapse-like video. Not the raw definition of it (which involves having a fixed camera taking photos every x seconds and showing those photos and a fast frame-per-second rate), but to record Kealy painting a face from a fixed point and speed up the video to show everything in under or around a minute.

So it was time to go to work. We got Ciarán and Amié-Lei to model, and we taped the process. Little did I know that the little model we had would be so funny on camera and give us moments that capture perfectly the essence of Kealy’s Face Painting brand. So the videos are a mixture of  Kealy’s work and the kids being kids while they’re getting their faces painted. You see, when Kealy goes to parties to face paint, she brings fun and sparks the kids imagination. She entices laughter and creates memories. As we put it, she brings colour to the parties and events. And colour is much more than paint.

The final product

The Spider Man face paint looked like this, as shared on Kealy Face Paint’s Facebook and Instagram:

This is the video that was shared on Facebook. The video is squared, which is working great on Facebook, and uses the top and bottom third to provide all the information needed, without getting in the way of the action:

The same video was shared on Instagram, but sped up a little, as Instagram only allows videos with a maximum of 60 seconds:

Stories are also a great tool to communicate visually, so I created videos specifically to be used as Instagram Stories:

The same concept will be applied to all the other face paintings we have made that day (Wonder Woman is coming next!). It will be used to engage with the correct audiences on Instagram through the use of hashtags and to target party hosts in London on Facebook. The best part about it, thought, is that it showcases Kealy’s work as it is: fun, imaginative and… Colourful!